Muskoka Cottage Designs

Monday May 28th, 2018


When your family grows, or you are just looking to update your cottage, there are many questions you will probably ask yourself; should I rebuild, renovate or full out relocate? As your family grows and you start to entertain more people at your cottage, you will need to have more space to accommodate everybody comfortably. When the years pass and more people start visiting your cottage, you may re-evaluate the design of your Muskoka cottage.


No matter what you decide to do, you may end up facing multiple challenges. If you are planning on moving out, you will have to go through the process of finding a new cottage that will suit your needs. After that, you will have to make sure your cottage is in a selling condition to get the most value out of it and eventually move everything out to move into your new cottage. You will also have to pay for closing costs and other fees that you could have used to upgrade your current cottage. However, with the right Muskoka real estate agent you will be able to get more value for your property, especially if your current cottage is in a great selling condition.


If you are planning on renovating or outright rebuilding your cottage, you will also be faced with some challenges. With this option, you have to get the right permits, hire contractors, and create a design that meets all requirements and specifications. With that said, there are a lot of beautiful Muskoka cottage designs you can choose from to renovate your cottage rather than moving out. If you are undecided about what option you should choose, here is a checklist to see which one will work best for you:


Current Layout

Take a look at your cottage in its current state. Do you think there is enough room on your lot to expand? If your cottage is older you may have to match the aesthetics with older materials or rebuild the cottage to make it more modern, will you have the time and resources to complete that project?


Research Permits

You will need to get permits from the local regulatory authorities before you start building anything. Do your research to see what you will and won’t be allowed to do.


Consider your Budget

No matter if you are moving or renovating you have to crunch the numbers to see which option makes more sense to you. Take into account every price that comes with renovating including demolition fees, contractor fees, permits, plus any additional fees that may come up like replacing your water and septic system, and adding more buildings like a bunkhouse or boat house. If you find a reliable contractor, they will be upfront about the entire cost of your cottage renovation project. If you are more inclined to sell, finding a reliable real estate agent who is an expert in selling Muskoka cottages will allow you to get more money that will go along way in paying for your new cottage!


When looking at renovating your cottage, you should be aware that many cottages that are built in Ontario use sub-par materials. Many cottages will feature concrete blocks and old tree stumps that were left over from previous projects. Take a look at the foundation of your cottage before you start renovating it to see if anything has shifted during the cold winter months.

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