How Muskoka Built Environmentally Friendly Cottages

Tuesday May 14th, 2019


One of the main reasons people are leaning towards building green cottages and properties is to reduce their energy usage. It’s evolved leaps and bounds, with environmentally friendly products that are sustainable, recyclable and plant-based. Are you interested in finding out how Muskoka’s real estate market has managed to build eco-friendly cottages? Then this is the place to be!

Natural Cotton Insulation

Improving the energy efficiency in your cottage is one of the first things you can do to make your home more environmentally friendly. When building an eco-friendly cottage, everything needs to be considered, including what will be used behind the walls. Most days are made of . However, cotton is becoming a popular, sustainable option, as it doesn’t hold any chemical irritants, originates from a renewable resource and doesn’t come with high-energy production costs.

Solvent-Free Sealants

Caulking and sealants are used around outlets, doors and windows to eliminate drafts. Solvent-free sealants not only help you to achieve better levels of energy efficiency in your cottage, but they don’t have nearly as many toxic as are found in traditional sealants. You can usually find a solvent-free sealant that has zero volatile organic compounds, have little to no and are non-petroleum based.

Gravity Water Filters

Easy to install, simple to use and convenient to transport, gravity water filters don’t require high-energy pumps to function. They use the force of gravity and specialized ceramic filters to get rid of impurities floating around in the drinking water. Apart from lowering the cost of your electricity bills, you can use water from the lake, pond, well, river or even rainwater in the filter to create safe drinking water.

Sustainable Flooring Solutions

friendly flooring options like cork, wool carpeting or bamboo have been installed in a variety of cottages to keep the property sustainable and comfortable.This is one of the easiest and more -friendly renovations you can do. On the other hand, existing hardwood floors can be refinished as another environmentally friendly option.

Smart Glass Windows

Back in the old days, blinds and curtains were used to keep homes and cottages cool during the hot summer months. But not anymore! Smart glass windows work with the same concept in mind, as they adjust the light levels to keep your property cool. They’ll lower the amount of solar energy entering the cottage, all the while keeping the heat inside during the winter. You’ll find smart windows that need to be controlled manually or that will darken automatically based on the level of sun exposure.

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