Fun Attractions and Activities in Muskoka

Monday Aug 21st, 2017


Muskoka is a gem in Central Ontario with its scenic views of nature, its small villages, and marinas by sparkling lakes. For Ontarians, Muskoka is a place to travel to for a break from the cityscape. There are many attractions to see and activities to do.

For those who prefer leisure and relaxation:

  • Wine, Brewery and Roastery Tours:

Muskoka is home to three of Ontario’s best breweries, to fine wines and delicious coffee. Explore and taste well-crafted beer, fine made wines and roasted coffees at one (or all) of these tours.


  • Airplane and Helicopter Tours

Take in the sights of the Muskoka landscape from a high vantage point. It is especially noteworthy to see in the fall when the colors of the leaves are in full bloom.


  • Driving Tours

With open roads and a smattering of quaint villages, Muskoka is THE place to drive through. Explore the shores of the Georgian Bay, the rugged coastlines, and the heart of Muskoka – home to 22 waterfalls.


For those who have a more adventurous streak:

  • Treetop Trekking, Zip Lining & Aerial Park

Located in Huntsville is the largest zip line and aerial park where you can navigate an obstacle course in the air!


  • Flyboarding

An adrenaline packed activity where you can strap the equivalent of a jet pack to your feet and fly above Muskoka’s lakes!  


  • Ice Climbing

Mountain climbing with ice – a sure fire adrenaline booster. Suitable for all skill levels, challenge yourself by scaling the side of an icy mountain.


For those with kids, there are a variety of kid friendly activities such as an indoor playground, a village entirely devoted to Santa and an educational Kid Zone.



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